The Mario Do Right Foundation is a non-profit youth development organization with emphasis on substance abuse prevention.  The organization provides education, awareness and support to children of addicted parents (COAP). 





The Do Right School-Based Initiative

One of the foundation's flagship services, the Live Right Do Right program, has positively impacted the lives of youth for years. This cutting-edge substance abuse prevention program is housed inside area schools, building a much-needed bridge to future success. In a classroom setting, students are exposed to an evidence-based curriculum recommended by the American Medical Association, the White House Office of Drug Policy and the U.S Department of Education. Students are taught the skills needed to resist peer pressure to smoke, drink and use drugs. In addition to increased knowledge and awareness, participants leave with fortified confidence and greater self-esteem. As an added benefit, Mario uses Skype to video chat with students, helping motivate them to complete the course and reach their fullest potential. Additionally, one of the key partners for the foundation has been the National Institute on Drug Abuse who provides literature and publications for our students regarding the risks of abusing drugs and alcohol.


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